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This is one of the leading female characters in the story. Kabria is a mother, wife, worker and a bathed car owner. She owns a 1975 VW Beetle nicknamed “Creamy”. She is to mother of three, namely, Obea, Essie and Ottu, her last child. Her husband is lade. Inspite of the pressure of domestic work, Kabria attends to her office work with due diligence and so does she service her car from one workshop to another, from Abeka to Zongo. Kabria works for MUTE, a non-governmental organization founded by Dina.
The nature of her job often requires going into the field to conduct research. Kabria’s job is often challenged due to the rickety nature of Creamy which disappoints her on the road, thus incurring derogatory remarks from other road users. Kabria is humble and loyal to Dina, her boss and very warm-hearted and friendly too. Apart from her domestic concerns, she often undertakes to buy things for Dina at Agbogbloshie market.
In one of those trips to the market, Fofo tries to steal her purse. Rather than join in beating or condemning the poor girl, she offers to assist her. Through their conversation, Kabria finds out the pains and hopelessness of street children. This begins the bold step taken by MUTE to end street life by children of poor parentage. Thus Kabria’s efforts help in this project of identifying, rehabilitating and resettling street children in Sodom and Gomorrah.
He is a very minor character but performs significant roles. He is relatively well to do, living in a decent house with television. This attracts children of the neighborhood who come in at will to watch television. Onko is seen as a kind man, a generous and understanding man. He is a welder and makes good money. Onko lures Baby T. into his room to buy something, he locks the door and pushes Baby T. to his bed and rapes her. He still insists that she should not speak out because he knows what her stepfather Kpakpo did to her -Baby T. He shows his wicked side when he visits a juju man to reverse the curse which is said to be trailing him as a result of mixing his blood with Baby T.
Onko seeks the help of Poison to get Baby T. to meet him. The juju man has told Onko to bring Baby T’s pubic hair. As Baby T. rebuffs Poison, she is killed and Onko takes advantage of her helplessness to shave her hairs from her private part, armpit and head. Thus, Onko represents the good, the bad and the ugly.


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